Dream big. Work hard. Dance often.

Dream Big.


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Expand Your Awareness of What's Possible

Work Hard.


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Set Big Goals & Get $h*t done!


Dance often.


Be Playful Events

In-person, and live streamed online playshops, film screenings, paint your heart out parties and more. Woot woot!

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Dear Wonderful, Amazing, Brilliant You,

You as you are, have everything you need to be your best self.

You're smart, ambitious, determined, and pretty much on it all around.  But...you can use some support to go the extra mile. I got'chu!

Everyone needs clarity, "figuring-outness", red-button assistance. That's cool. You've come to the right place.

This is a special down-to-earth home for you to be playful, be confident, be inspired, be yourself, and that will help you you figure out how to get the $h*t done that matters to you most. 

The mission here is to advance your life, to cure paralysis analysis and education stagnation, and focus on results.

So, if you're looking for only inspirational quotes and to make a million dollars in 10 minutes, then just click away now.  

This is a real deal, real talk, help you get $h*t done (not just planned) place to be. 

Welcome welcome welcome!

And be ready to dream big, work hard, and dance often! 

Dream big.

Work hard.

Dance often.

About Me

I, Ani Mercedes, am an artist and educator who believes that you, as you are, have what you need to be your best self. But, even so, manifesting your inner confidence can be challenging sometimes.  

You're Already You is a positive and encouraging place designed and curated to help you become more confident with your money, your time, and your goals so that you can move your life forward and confidently manifest the courage to make bold decisions that move you in the direction of your dreams.

Stay as long as you'd like, invite your friends, dream big, work hard, dance often, and spread the spark of magic that's inside of you with determination and courage.

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