What are you waiting for?

There is no such thing as “the powers that be” -- you are the power that is. You are what you are seeking and waiting for. Be and do the things that you daydream of and let yourself run wild with fear as you make them happen. Yes, fear.

It’s okay to be afraid, and then just do it anyway.

You are the manifesto you are seeking in everyone else.

Do not let anyone tell your story, do not look for it in anyone else, do not let anyone give you a doubt in what your story is or who you are. Tell your story to yourself -- in the actions you take and in the priorities you express through those actions, in the dungeonlike cavern that you keep your dreams locked in.

Let your dreams explode out into the world like a phoenix blazing with the energy of a supernova.

Be vigilant, be wild, be free within yourself. Be free within the skin that binds you and the body and mind that keep you caged. Not only do you hold the key you are the key.

The next action you take after reading this is the key.

Keep going in the direction of your dreams. No one is there to help you, but you.

You’re already you -- but you just don’t see it yet. Go go go and shine on fearless with the art, poem, book, writing, idea, innovation, philosophy, dance, love, film, design that burns within you.

One day, one lifetime, one year from now -- you decide when is right. But no matter what, it’s alright right *right now*.

Close the computer, the phone, the tablet and just let yourself be free. Let yourself be unshackled from a plan from thinking from feeling like you have to go and figure it out and be out of debt, and be a millionaire, and be skinny, and be something you’re just not right now. You don’t have to wait for any of that.

Start now.

You can be wild and aimless and “fail” or wild and aimless and “succeed” but make no mistake, only you can decide what those two terms mean. Only you can let yourself be free.

So close the facebook/twitter/instagram quote and move from consuming to creating. Create like a wild and fierce wind. Let your heart dance in that way it once did.

Stop waiting, and manifest forth the phoenix, rise above the ashes of your insecurity, and go boldly in the direction of your dreams.

After you take just one small step you will gain momentum. Just one.

You -- as you are, have everything you need to be your best self.

Where will you be one year/month/week/day from now? Still wishing you were doing that thing? Or so caught up in it that you won’t even feel the year pass?

What are you waiting for?


Don't follow your dreams. Make your dreams follow you.