Happy OLD Year!

"Everyone has two lives. The second one begins when you realize you have only one. " - Steven Joel Sotloff

It's almost time to say bye-bye to 2016! But before we part ways for ‘eva ‘eva, let’s honor how far we’ve come this year.

You’re Already You was born 12 months ago, since then...

"Thank you for bringing fun, hope and positivity to such a heavy subject. I entered your class feeling defeated and left feeling abundant and empowered." -Barby from the Money Makeover Playshop

"That was an amazing workshop! Very valuable exercises. That you!" -Lauren, from 2016 Goal Setting Playshop

"I have no savings, at all! I have a mountain of debt too! This course was just what I needed. I have more financial clarity to draw up goals than I have ever had before. Excellent information and resources!" - Betty from Money for Creatives

  • Almost 100 of you attended the epic "Dream, Girl" screening

"This was incredible, motivational and inspirational! I want more!" -L

"Meeting other people and the honesty and transparency displayed [was what I enjoyed most]. The film was amazing!!!" -J 


  • We brought you 3 Be Inspired Interviews online (plus 1 short film)


  • You joined a community of over 200 passionate, inspiring, ambitious dreamers.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.37.29 AM.png

What a great year! Thank you for being a part of You’re Already You!!
I'm SO happy you’re here!


That said, let’s move on to 2017!

Here’s what you have to look forward to…

  • Focus on financial and professional empowerment

Dreaming big is great, but what does that really mean?

We're going to start getting more specific, focused and concrete in 2017 so we can help you achieve your specific financial and professional goals, like...

- Negotiate your rate/salary (with an online role play and interviews)
- Get out of debt (with Get out of Debt Dance Parties)
- Become confident with your month (with a Brunch and Budget playshop)
- Start a business or grow your business (with support from the Action Squad, below)
- Managing your time and energy (with Become a Goal Achieving Machine!)

  • The Action Squad: Membership & Monthly Accountability Group: We surveyed 100 of you and what you said you needed most was a monthly accountability group. So, behold the action squad!

The Action Squad is a monthly supportive and encouraging accountability group that helps you make progress on your financial and professional goals via:

  • Monthly accountability meetings in-person or online
  • Timed and focused co-working 
  • Sharing tools and resources to help you live a more abundant and confident life
  • 24-hour support via a members-only Facebook Group

Sign up here for details on how to join. 

  • Online events and playshop: We had a big focus on local (Miami-based) events and playshops this year. But we know many of you are joining us from all over the world. So we're working on doing some live playshops next year, and live streaming some as well. 

Get excited!

Here's to honoring the old year and being excited for the new year!