The Yay Action Squad Kicks off with "Become a Goal Achieving Machine" (Woot woot!)

“Everyone has two lives. 

The second one begins when you

realize you have only one.” 

-Steven Joel Sotloff, botanist

Wow wow wow!

Where to start?!


A determined, focused, and courageous group of ambitious dreamers took an evening (at Become a Goal Achieving Machine) to honor their lives, celebrate their past accomplishments, and to take a concrete step for their future. 

Dreams don't work unless you do!

By the end, everyone had...

  1. A *concrete* vision they're excited about
  2. A 30-day plan and motivation to act on it
  3. Taken an action to move forward that day! (a.k.a. 10-minutes of courage)
  4. A follow-up accountability date on their calendar
  5. Access to 24/7 support via an exclusive Facebook group
  6. Made new friends and reconnected with old friends <3

In 30-days we'll come back together for support and accountability (a.k.a. the Yay Action Squad!).

What did you find most helpful?

So much to list! The energy, actually implementing the 10 minutes of courage, how organized it was with the activities and the packet. Thank you! -C.

I loved the format, the group, the energy! The calendar handout and the 10 minutes of courage were great. -M.

The timeboxing exercise forced me to find my answers. -V.

I really liked all the exercises. They helped me summon how I feel now (accomplished) and how I want to feel. I also like the Tree vs. Road visual. -A.

The tree vs. road, the daily tasks, and the busy quiz! -V.

100% would recommend it to a friend. 

Students rated it an averaged of 9.7.