"Instead of getting laid off, i left with my first client and launched my own firm." -Frances


Frances (who was also on our Dream, Girl panel!)

She is an entrepreneur, publicist and community activist. She founded boutique PR firm Albán Communications in Miami in 2008, with an emphasis on creating a new, more dynamic and hands-on agency. Frances has solidified her presence as one of South Florida’s leading publicists and is often sought out for her strategic and creative thinking, understanding of multicultural and multigenerational markets, and ability to secure press. Actively involved in the community, Frances is a member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, YoungArts, PAMM, Toastmasters and The Wolfsonian. You can connect with her on Twitter @alban_comm, Facebook @AlbanCommunications, and Instagram @albancommunications


She is a college senior at Florida International University, where she studies Public Relations and General Marketing. She is Nicaraguan-American and hopes to one day start her own foundation in Nicaragua where she empowers women to pursue an education. She’s a coffee enthusiast and loves watching The Office re-runs. You can connect with her on Instagram @espressowithally

Nuggets of Wisdom

  • She learned the ropes by working in PR for several years where she had great mentors. She's obviously now paying it forward!
  • 2-3 years before starting her business she already knew she’d wanted to do that. It was a seedling. 
  • Understand your audience/client/boss: Instead of getting laid off, she left a conversation with her first client and launched my own firm. Now 9 years+ and going strong.
  • Surround yourself with people you admire. There's a saying that goes something like 'You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Ask yourself, who are you spending the most time with? Do you admire them?
  • Necessity breeds innovation - If there's no opportunity, then you have to create your own opportunity.
  • Before you start your own business have an emergency fund & do your budget
  • Don’t lose touch with yourself & define your own vision of success: For Frances, that means having vacations, lifestyle, community involvement, time with friends. But it’s not Miami domination in the PR sphere. She turns away business now. Having that clarity is great. Tools she loves to help her maintain balance are Netflix, Glamsquad, and she's looking forward to trying a massage app (which sounds great!).
  • When looking for JR talent: level of curiosity, appetite, motivation, initiative are more important than prestigious credentials. 
  • Advice for anyone about to graduate:  Look outside of your hometown. Get outside of your comfort zone and expand your worldview.