Lynn Le, Founder Society Nine

I punched a heavy bag too hard and tore a ligament in my wrist. Ugh!

I've practices combat sports for fitness since I was 8-years-old (20+ years), so I knew I'd miss it desperately during the weeks of physical therapy. 

Thankfully(!), Society Nine podcasts came to my rescue and I was enthralled! 

“I conceptually always wanted women to feel like they had a safe place to literally feel, be, and express everything. That’s not just the soft comforting nurturing side of femininity, but it’s also the aggressive, the angry, the passionate side. Especially in sports, there’s such a hard division between those. Why can’t we celebrate all facets of that?”
— Lynn Le, Founder Society Nine


The story of Society Nine -- the Kickstarter, the vision of an inclusive community, and the acknowledgment of women as multi-passionate and multi-dimensional individuals -- all aligns with my philosophy at You're Already You. 



Lynn, Why did you start Society Nine?

Society Nine was started to address the lack of quality performance gear for women in combat fitness. Nothing was designed with fit, quality, and sizing specifically for women, and women were consistently left as an after thought. We set out to change this by establishing the roots of our fit profile for our gear in actual information and data from women. This informed our design.


What's a challenge you had to overcome in order to start Society Nine?

There are TONS that I still overcome everyday! The biggest challenge though is the ability to adapt and evolve through the company's changes. Changes include team dynamic, production issues, scaling challenges, etc. And the hardest part as a human being is evolving and adapting quickly to everything that gets thrown your way!


What plans for the future are you most excited about? 

I am most excited about continually launching new products that look and feel different than anything else that is out there for women. We constantly ask for feedback from women in our community - from pros, to amateurs, to everyday fitness enthusiasts. We never stop in our pursuit to get better as a company, and we hope that through our show of humility and passion to get better and that customers get excited about the opportunity to be involved in the process and the growth of Society Nine. 


And I'm so excited to see it grow! Keep up your great work Lynn! :)

Want to fight #likeagirl?

Find a local Society Nine Brand Ambassadors (including yours truly in Miami!) here. For me, that means encouraging and supporting the full capacity and interests of every woman, both inside and outside of the ring.


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