How I Stopped Using Instagram So Much and Started Reading More (+get FREE books)

How much time do you spend on social? Probably more than you’d like to admit.

When I downloaded the Screentime update and saw I was spending ~1.5 hours a day(!) on the ‘Gram, I was shocked! That’s about 9-10 hours a week! Ugh! -_- I set out to replace mindless scrolling with something that would actually be meaningful in creating the lifestyle I want.

So I tried capping my time at 30 minutes a day. I’d have to enter a code for more time. Didn’t work. So I tried signing out so I’d have to put in my login info each time. Didn’t work, either.

A good way to stop a bad habit is replace it with a good one.

Want to stop eating cookies? Replace where you keep your cookies with bananas or almonds or have celery and peanut butter already packed in containers so you’re at least ready when a craving hits.

So, I deleted Instagram off of my phone and replaced my Instagram folder with a books/learning folder.

BEFORE = Instagram folder(!)


AFTER = Replaced that Instagram folder with a Books/learning folder! 🤓


In the first month of my new books folder, I read 4 books and KonMari-ed my entire house! Whaaat?! Yep.

I still have an Instagram account, but now I have to download the entire app, allow it to do a bunch of stuff, enter my login and password, etc. just to check it or post.

So now I go on Instagram about every four days! Bringing down my daily average to 10 minutes! Woo hoo! Last week I used it for a total of 1 hour and 11 minutes, that’s an 86% reduction—or put another way, I gifted myself time.

Quick tip: I deleted all of the apps in the Instagram folder and put the Books folder in the same place where the Instagram folder was, and the Kindle app where the Instagram app was, so now my thumb automatically opens Kindle like a reflex!

Another quick tip: I always have 1 audio book and 1 Kindle book going so that I’m ready in any idle situation. Car, on it with my Audible book. Check out counter, on it with a Kindle. They’re also of different genres so I don’t confuse them (learned that one the hard way :).

There’s nothing wrong with Instagram. I love it. (You can follow me here.) I just didn’t love that I was letting it take over my time and attention like that!

You either use your attention Intentionally or someone else will find a way to use it for you!

Be intentional about moving your life in the direction of your dreams, after all, you’re the only one Who can.

Here are the apps in my Books folder:

  1. Kindle for e-books & Audible for audio books

  2. Libby = FREE books with a public library card! This is my favorite app. It’s saved me hundreds on Audible and Kindle books. #win!

  3. Goodreads social network where you can share and check out what friends are reading. You can follow my profile using that link.

  4. Creative Live (Get $15 with this link) online courses for creative entrepreneurs

  5. Spreeder for learning to read faster, Pocket to organize articles for reading later, and Apple podcast for listening to my fave podcasts (Masters of Scale and Afford Anything)

We want to hear from you! Share what you’re reading in the comments or your own ways for curbing social media use!