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Get Your Money Right Playshop

  • Buro Coconut Grove 2980 McFarlane Road Miami, FL, 33133 United States (map)

This is an interactive money playshop designed to help you go from feeling stressed and burdened by money, to joyful and empowered by it!

It's a super fun, interactive, and actually specific (like real bank accounts and real numbers...rather than only inspirational quotes) way to learn about money management -- taught to you like a friend at a bar -- with honest, simple, real talk that'll help you get your money right. 

- You feel overwhelmed by personal finance
- Want to just get your money right (because you feel like you should've had it together by now!)
- Want to (finally!) learn how to pay off your debt
- Want to start an emergency fund
- You aren't saving for retirement

Buckle up! This is gonna be a good one!

- Learn how to pay your rent, save, pay off debt, and still go on a stress-free vacation. 
- Be able to automate your budget (traditional budgets are old school...and you never actually use them)
- Get a list of tools, apps, tech, and resources (including banks) that you can start using immediately
- Gain empowering clarity about your personal financial health


"I have no savings, at all! I have a mountain of debt too! This course was just what I needed. I have more financial clarity to draw up goals than I have ever had before. Excellent information and resources!" - Jessica

"This is the best workshop I've ever taken! Thank you so much for the packet of super specific resources!" - Stacey

"I found it very useful to see how easy the steps to getting personal finances in place are. You don't even need to think about the process, you just showed us the way. Thanks!" - Sara

- Would you recommend the class to a friend? 100% said Yes :)
- How satisfied were you on a scale from 1 to 10 -- 10 being the highest? 9.8 out of 10 :) 

Before I went to Ani's Money Playshop, I felt a lot of confusion, doubt, and, honestly, shame about my personal and business finances.

I knew that I needed to get a handle on my finances, but I had no idea where to start. I avoided looking at my bank and credit card statements.

By the end of it, I had an action plan for how to get my money in order. I felt confident and, even though I know that getting your money right is a long term game, I felt excited to take the first steps to making it happen. 

That same day, I automated my tax payments and opened up a savings account. It felt awesome to take action. 

Ani knows so much about personal finance, and she delivers the information in an actionable, easy to learn format that makes it abundantly clear how passionate she is about the topic. If you feel shaky about your personal finances, attend Ani's class. You will be so glad you did. -D.

CHECKLIST (love me some checklists!):
This simple one-page checklist serves as an outline for the playshop -- and as a lifetime reference for you for 'eva 'eva!

The checklist below gives you a foundation for where you're starting; you're "before" if you will. The goal is for you to have no WTF's by the end of the Playshop, as well as the knowledge and tools to transform your No's into Yes's.


Tuesday October 25, 2016 | 7:00pm-9:00pm

Bruro Coconut Grove: 2980 McFarlane Road, Coconut Grove 33133 

(After-party Vinos in the Grove)


Ani Mercedes = Proud Personal Finance Nerd

Excerpt from Miami Girls Mag: "Graduate school left Ani $42k in student loans. She had a decision to make: find a way to pay off her debt and break the family cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, or follow her dreams to become an artist. She did both.

In two years, Ani paid off her student loans, produced two documentaries (both featured at film festivals and one on PBS), all while working full-time and learning as much as she could about personal finance. She wanted to help others to do the same by sharing her knowledge.  This is when the idea about an educational blog came to Ani’s mind.  She launched You’re Already You and started leading workshops in goal setting, personal finance, and time management, all with the goal to give women real-life tools to achieve their dreams through setting right goals.

Ani has been featured in financial publications such as Learnvest, Zerobound, and Bankrate. Her mission is to help ambitious dreamers live confident and inspired lives through real talk and measurable results."

Daniela Garcia = Insurance Pro!

Daniela Garcia of The Joy Alchemist is a simple girl that's been learning the dance of health insurance for 18 years. She'll be teaching you how to select the best insurance plan in a simple way - unveiling the mystery of how the insurance really works.