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Happy Money 1-Page Budget (Free Webinar)

By the end of this webinar, you will have a tool for managing your personal finances through the Super Simple 1-page Happy Money Budget that helps you set up and automate your personal finances.


You'll get:

- A 1-page PDF of the Super Simple 1-page Happy Money Budget

- A video lesson on how to use it step-by-step

- Examples 

- Guiding questions to help you reflect on your financial priorities


This is right for you if:

- You're sick of trying to find the "perfect" budget, app, or excel template 

- You hate budgeting and want to automate your finances

- You fly solo, so you don't have dependents nor a partner

- You're not a fan of Excel and break into a sweat if you even click on it by accident 

- You want to kick student loans + credit cards... in the face

- You daydream about a financial or life goal you're super excited about like: moving into your first apartment, getting a new job, traveling to Morrocco 

- You have some form of regular income (or are interviewing for some): a part-time job, a 9-to-5


This is *not* right for you if:

- You're self-employed. That's for a future webinar. 

- You have dependents or a financial partner

- You're financially solid: You have disposable income you're not sure what to do with + you pay your credit card off each month + you have months worth of emergency savings + you can take a vacation whenever you want (and don't have to save for it)...


Taught by Ani Mercedes:

Graduate school left Ani $42,000 in student loans. She had a decision to make: find a way to pay off her debt or follow her dreams to become an artist. She did both. In two years, Ani paid off her student loans, produced two documentaries (both featured at film festivals and one on PBS), all while working full-time and learning as much as she could about personal finance. She wanted to help others to do the same by sharing her knowledge. She launched You’re Already You and started leading workshops on goal setting, personal finance, and time management. Ani has been featured in financial publications such as Learnvest, Zerobound, and Bankrate. Her mission is to help soulful ambitious women live confident and inspired lives through real talk and measurable results at 


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