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  • List 100 Dreams - Listing 100 of your dreams can be exhilaratingly liberating. Try it. 
  • Cultivate Daily Abundance - Do this simple daily practice to help you creative abundance, and help you feel more present each day. 


  • What are the Chances - The probability of your birth is 1 out of a trillion...this physicist turned slam poet puts your existence into perspective beautifully. 
  • Casey's Make it Count - Filmmaker hired to make a video for Nike takes the money for the film and goes on a world-wide adventure instead. 
  • How Do You Define Yourself - After viciously called 'the ugliest women' in the world, she courageously redefines herself in this TED talk. 


  • Man's Search for Meaning - A psychiatrist describes his experiences, epiphanies, and reflections as an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate in WWI. An auto-biographical depiction that I have read numerous times throughout my life. 
  • Big Magic - Gives you the courage to live a creative life beyond fear. 

Money & Abundance

Tools & resources to help you pay off debt, save (automatically!), finally help you understand WTF retirement is, and more. 


banking - personal checking account

  • Simple –  An online checking account that lets you automatically save, budget, and set $ goals all within the bank. And yes, this is a *bank* (not just an app).


  • Everbank - Online bank account that offers high-yield savings accounts. 
  • Digit - Automatically saves your digital spare change by rounding up to the next dollar. It's the easiest way to start saving because you just set it and forget it. It'll be like finding a sweet wad of cash in a pair of pants after doing laundry. 
  • Smarty Pig - Online savings account that lets you split up savings into specific goals, like sub-savings accounts. 

Get out of debt

  • Ready for Zero - Phone and desktop app that connects to your loans and helps you calculate the best way to pay off your debt. It's THEE BEST -- forget debt pay off calculators, use this instead. 




  • The Queen of Versailles - Documentary film about a rich family that embarks on building the biggest house in America, but then the recession hits. 
  • Happy - An amalgam of findings from the field of positive psychology. A great lesson on how happiness can buy you money. 

With dealing with money were as fun and simple as chilling with friends at a bar?

time, goals, & life management

Tools & resources to help you  focus on what matters most, and optimize your time to the max!

Time Management resources 

  • What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast - A fantastic course on time management; just the course's free preview will be enough to ignite you!
  • Pomodoro Technique - This is a simple strategy I use to focus on specific tasks, and accomplish a ton each day. 
  • TaskRabbit & Handy - Need help moving, running errands, or assembling Ikea furniture? You can use these to hire someone to take that off of your plate. 


  • E.ggTimer - Whenever I want to stay focused and productive I set out to do a specific task and time it using this. 
  • Self Control - A desktop app that allows you to shut off distracting sites (:::cough::: Facebook :::cough:::) for any period of time that you set (20 minutes...20 hours), and disables you from getting to the site until the time's up or until you restart your computer. 
  • Kill Newsfeed – If you use Google Chrome as your browser, then you'll love this Chrome extension that disables your Facebook newsfeed and replaces it with an inspirational quote. You can still access the site, check notifications, and see profiles, but all without being distracted by the newsfeed. 
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Want to become a goal achieving machine?