April 3, 2017


Super Simple 1-Page Happy Money Budget 

Free online webinar + template

April 10, 2017

April YAY Action Squad

In Miami, FL + online live-stream

Brunch & budgeting

April 2017 (stay tuned for details!)

In Miami, FL + online live-stream

Brunch & Budgeting.jpg

An empowering, interactive (not a panel discussion!) playshop where you'll get the tools, resources (i.e. actually bank accounts, one page Budget template) to create and start setting up an automated & simple budget that actually works and you don't have to think about.

This isn't your average direct deposit...oh no! It's a money makeover to (finally!) help you set up an automated budgeting system that lets you spend stress free so you can get the appetizer you *actually* want without having to check your bank account balance first.

This is a space where you can confidently talk about money over mimosas. Woot woot!