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What readers think:

“Just replying to say that I'm loving these emails! So much inspiration and good stuff!” - Monique

“Love love love this!!!” -Heather

“I needed this e-mail today! I love the mix of practical tips and inspiration. KEEP IT UP and THANK YOU!!!” -Mary

“My favorite part [of this week’s email] was when you talked about applying to your one reach job.  Next time around, I am going to have to do more of that.  Thanks for the advice.” - Adriana


Who's it for?

It's specially crafted for soulful ambitious women who want:

  • More money, to get out of debt, spend smarter, and just finally get your money right
  • More clarity, direction, and time for joyful experiences


What's in it?

  • Bonus insight and accession I only share through Wednesday Wisdom, like access to invitation-only events, upcoming sneak peek announcements and behind-the-scenes notes
  • Insanely helpful and in-depth practical tips & tools
    • Like this one with the email scripts I used to go from $30/hr to $100/hr in two emails.
    • Sent on the 1st Wednesday of each month
  • Inspirational interviews to expand your awareness of what's possible
    • Like this one of Mariana, who took her dream trip to Uganda to encounter gorillas in the wild 
    • Sent on the 3rd Wednesday of each month

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