Make money, negotiate a raise, and manage your money like a grown a** woman in this online course.

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AN INSTANT FREEBIE (including how I negotiated $30/hr to $100/hr in 2 emails)

“This is the best workshop I’ve ever taken!

Thank you so much for the packet of super specific resources!”
— Stacey


  • Learn how to go on a stress-free vacation while still paying your rent, saving, paying off debt, and other adulting responsibilities. 
  • Be able to automate your budget (traditional budgets are old school...and you never actually use them)
  • Get a list of tools, apps, tech, and resources (including banks) that you can start using immediately
  • Gain empowering clarity about your personal financial health

This is a playshop designed to help you go from feeling stressed and burdened by money, to joyful and empowered by it!

It's actually specific (like real bank accounts and real numbers...rather than just inspirational quotes).

Learn about making money and money management with honest, simple, real talk that'll help you get your money right -- it's like sitting at a bar with that one friend who has their sh*t together and they tell you everything and show you their bank accounts. 

“I found it very useful to see how easy the steps to getting personal finances in place are.

You don’t even need to think about the process, you just showed us the way.

— Sara




AN INSTANT FREEBIE (including how I negotiated $30/hr to $100/hr in 2 emails)